Volume 5, Issue 3, May–June 2020

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01Designand Implementationof Programmable Logic Array Using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata

Author(s) : Ashwini Mane, Shubham Pansare, Pratiksha Rupnawar, Dr.VarshaHarpale and Dr.DeeptiKhurge
02Solar Energy Based Water Desalination System

Author(s) : Sumedh S. Malpathak, K.V.Bhadane, Suresh Kathe, Shyam Kadam and Manohar Shewale
03Importance of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers In candy plants

Author(s) : Jay V. Vyas, Harshil D. Patel and Rajkumar V. Patel
04Aptamer: A New Class of Oligonucleotide for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Use -Review

Author(s) : Dr. Shilpa P. Chaudhari and Priyanka Udhdavrao Shinde
05Impact on Performance and Emission Analysis of Waste Cooking Derived Biodiesel Considering Compression Ratio, Blend Ratio, Injection Pressure and Load on Single Cylinder VCR Engine with Comparison of RSM and MLR Model

Author(s) : Bhavikkumar H. Kadiya, Prof.MitPatel, Prof.V.D.Sonara and Prof.Vimal R. Patel
06Spread of COVID-19inIndia: A Mathematical Model

Author(s) : Sudipto Roy and Kankana Roy Bhattacharya
07MS-Excel Spreadsheet Applications in Introductory Under-Graduate Physics-A Review

Author(s) : Sunil Kumar Katoch
08Arduino Based Smart Load control

Author(s) : Priyanka Popat Thete, Kishor V. Bhadane, Pagar Komal shrikant and Mayuri Raosaheb Desale
09Automobile Waste Heat Recovery System Using Thermoelectric Generator

Author(s) : Vaibhav R. Patel and Mit C. Patel
10Parametric Optimization of Brake Power and Specific Fuel Consumption on A Single Cylinder VCR EngineBy Taguchi Method Using Jatropha Biodiesel Derived From Jatropha Curcas Oil Conducting Experiments As Per IS 10000 Approach

Author(s) : Krunal Patel, Prof. Mit Patel, Prof. V.D.Sonara and Prof. Mazhar A. Shaikh
11Water Treatment using Chemically Activated Charcoal

Author(s) : Dr. Anamika Paul, Maham Malik, Mahima Yadav, Ishty Malhotra and Sandeep Gupta
12Impact of 3D Printing on Automotive Parts

Author(s) : Dhruv Mahesh Kumar Patel and Prof. Mit Patel
13Seismic Base Isolation System using Scrap Old Tyres

Author(s) : Asmath Sharmeen T.S, Vijayalaxmi Kedilaya B, Aleemath Nissa K, Aamina Rukhiya and S Shwetha
14A Review on Interaction Effect of Pile under Vertical Compression

Author(s) : Prince Rathod
15Detection of Pothole by Image Processing Using UAV

Author(s) : Saurabh Pehere, Prajwal Sanganwar, Shashikant Pawar and Prof. Ashwini Shinde
16Review in SARS-Corona Virus (Types, Infection, Diagnosis,Chemical Antiseptics for This Virus)

Author(s) : Dr. Nagham Mahmood Aljamali, Dr. Imad Kareem Alwan Alsabri, Dr. Hasaneen Kudhair Abdullabass, Dr. Aseel Mahmood Jawad, Intisar Obaid Alfatlawi, Ahmed Adnan Abdul Hussein and Manar Ghyath AbdAlmutalib Almosawy
17COVID-19 Epidemic and Pattern of Global Distribution

Author(s) : JP.C. Mbagwu and Dike K. S
18Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning Classification Algorithms over Highly Imbalanced Data
Author(s) : N.Adityasundar, T.SaiAbhigna, B.Lakshman, D.Phaneendra and N.MohanKumar
19Overview of Vaccine Drug Delivery System
Author(s) : Kiran S. Sale and Pallavi M. Chaudhari
20Arecanut Crop Disease Prediction using IoT and Machine Learning
Author(s) : Sharath Kumar KR, Mohan K and Nirisha
21Systematic Vehicle Parking System
Author(s) : Raju Ranjan and Akash Tangar
22A Review on Optimization of Plasma Arc Cutting Parameters Using Taguchi Method for EN19
Author(s) : Kunal S. Panchal and Dr. Mitesh J. Mungla
23Language to language Translation using GRU method
Author(s) : Shwetha A, Ravikala and Vijetha
24Fly Ash for Removal of Malachite Green Dye From Wastewater: Kinetic and Isotherm Studies
Author(s) : K.Chiranjeevi, M. Radha Kumari, M.Vineesha, SaiManasa, SathishNaik and T. BalaNarsaiah
25Mountainous Country Nepal : From The Perspectives of Climate Change
Author(s) : Narayan P. Gautam
26Economical, Green Synthesis of Fluorescent Carbon Quantum Dots from Lac Extract
Author(s) : Amita Jivani and Meet A. Moradiya
27Smart Driving License Verification System
Author(s) : Shivraj Barawkar, Komal Jagdale, Suraj Budhewar and Prof. S.L.Tade
28Review of Chemical, Pharmacological, Biological Activities of Isatin and its Derivatives–Part-1 (1877 to 2002)
Author(s) : Seshaiah Krishnan Sridhar, Selvaraj Britoraj, Sreerama Rajasekhar and Jayaseelan Sundaraseelan
29Malaria Parasite Identification using Feature Based Recognition
Author(s) : Priya G R, Spandana A Shetty and Kavya Hegde
30Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bending System
Author(s) : Shivraj Bahirat, Omkar Bhatawadekar, Gaurav Gharte and Prof. Shrinidhi Campli
31Review on Fabrication of Bamboo Composite Materials Reinforced Concrete

Author(s) : Sreadha A R and Dr. C.Pany

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