Volume 5, Issue 4, July-August 2020

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01To Analyze the Effectiveness of Cattle Dung Ash as Adsorbent for
Wastewater Treatment

Author(s) : Prachi S. Barve and Himanshu Meena
02Impact of COVID19 on Factors other Than Health In India

Author(s) : Dr. Anis Choudhery and Dr.Sumaiya Khatib
03Simulation and Analysis of a 3-Phase Induction Motor and a Brushless DC Motor Using Simulink

Author(s) : Ritika, Shrishti Luthra and Sangeeta Modi
04Analytical study on seismic performance of self-compacting concrete
column reinforced with steel and GFRP rebar

Author(s) : Saptha A and Aswathy Ann Mathew
05Codecraft Competition: Learning to Code Through Contests Using Scratch

Author(s) : Anand Pultoo, Anoop Sharma Bullee, Jean Norbert Meunier, Kaviraj Sheoraj, Shabneez Panchoo, Parveen Naseeven, Mohundranathsingh Ujoodha, Vikramsing Roocha, Hrishant Rajcoomar and Avinash Oojorah
06Automatic Billing Cart

Author(s) : Priyanka Sharma, Ananya Singh and Tabassum Jahan
07Crack Identification and Localization In Structural Beams Using Numerical and Experimental Modal Analysis-A Review

Author(s) : G.Anand Siva, Dr. S.Rama Krishna, M. Jaya Prakash, Ch. Venkata Lakshmi and D.Chaitanya
08The Centrifugal Force behind the Movement of Continents, Change in the Axis of the Rotating Earth

Author(s) : Yeshayahu Greitzer
09Waste Water Treatment by Using Reed Bed System

Author(s) : P.Sasirekha, R.Ramanikannan, M.Rohith and P.Sankaranarayanan
10Conception of open spaces-A Case of Delhi Courtyard Houses

Author(s) : Shivansh Agarwal and Mahima Thussu
11Alternative Building Materials from Waste

Author(s) : Lakshita Goyal and I. C. Vidya Sagar
12Waste Water Treatment by Using Moving Bed Bio Film Reactors

Author(s) : Gomasa Ramesh, Gopu Anil, Kandika Lalitha,
Sambasiva Rao and Jannu Prashanth
13Comparison of Functional Properties of the Bael Fruit at Various Levels of Maturity

Author(s) : Abarajitha K and L. Uthira
14Review on Smart Bottle Dispenser And Filling Plant Using Industrial IoT

Author(s) : Vijay Murge, Amol Jadhav, Sanket More, Sandesh Shinde,
Magar and Dr. D. R. Shende
15Formulation and Characterization of Tranylcypromine loaded
Polymeric Micellar In-Situ Nasal Gel for treatment of Depression

Author(s) : Dr. Shilpa P. Chaudhari and Priyanka Udhdavrao Shinde
16Total Phenolic Content of Organic and Conventionally Grown
Gourd Vegetables

Author(s) : Jemima Beryl Mohankumar, L. Uthira and S.Uma Maheswari
17Formulation, Development and Evaluation of Lopinavir Loaded
Polymeric Micelles

Author(s) : Shilpa Praveen. Chaudhari and Nikita Manik. Handge
18Frequency Based Damage Detection and Localization of Propeller
Shaft of a Ship Using Experimental Modal Analysis

Author(s) : Nemani Suryateja, Ganta Vasanth, PatnalaHari Kiran, PanasaVenkat
Vinayak, GandamAnand Siva and Dr.Shinagam Ramakrishna
19Sorption Behavior of Methylene Blue From Aqueous Solution By
Using PVA/SA/Kaolin Composite

Author(s) : J.Annie Kamala Florence, S. Kalpana and Thandapani Gomathi

Author(s) : A.Mohamed Sikkander and Jeevaa Katiravan
21Synthesis and Characterisation of A New Nano Photo Catalyst
System (Cu-Trp-Ilu/Mwcnts) by Doping Copper-TryptophanIsoleucine Complex with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Prepared
Through A Simple Chemical Approach and Its Applications
Author(s) : Sheela Violet Rani. V, Dhanasekaran. T, Jesudurai D and Mohamed Sikkander. A
22Modular Microservice based GPU Utilization Manager with
Author(s) : Remya A. R, Arun A. Balakrishnan, Suraj Kamal, Satheesh Chandran C and Supriya M. H.
23Eyeball Controlled Wheelchair
Author(s) : Ragini Singh, Harsha Rani, Junaid Hasan Khan and Kumari Komal
24Performance Evaluation of EMG Pattern Recognition Techniques
While Increasing The Number of Movement Classes
Author(s) : Ms. Priyanka Sharma, Aakash Kr. Singh, Anupriya Mishra and Biplav Singh
25Sphingosomes: A Novel Lipoidal Vesicular Drug Delivery SystemAuthor(s) : Shilpa P. Chaudhari and Sneha U. Gaikwad261-267
26Analysis of Different Water Quality Parameters of Ganga River by
Multivariate Tools
Author(s) : Smita Jain
27Water as A FuelAuthor(s) : Ragini Singh, Sautik Middya and Saumya Pathak276-282
28Automatic Orange Juice Vending MachineAuthor(s) : Onkar Popatrao Raut, AkibJaved Bagwan and Dr. Dipali Shende283-287

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