Volume 5, Issue 5, September-October 2020

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01Review on Types of Three Components Reactions
Author(s) : Dr. Nagham Mahmood Aljamali and Dr. Amal Saadoon Majeed
02A Design and Analysis of Two Plate Injection Mould Tool For Wi-Fi Router Thermoplastic Product
Author(s) : S Prasanth, S Akhil, S Ramesh, B Pavan Kumar, Y Hemanth and M Sandeep
03Thermal Analysis on Pin-Fins With Hexagonal & Threaded Geometry In Natural and Forced Convection
Author(s) : CH.V. Lakshmi, A. Vikranth, R. Tharun Naidu, J. Gowtham and A. Vishnu
04Analysis of The Spatial Distribution of Micro and Macronutrients In Soil From Industrial Site Near Nellikuppam Town In Cuddalore District
Author(s) : Sasikala Sakkaravarthy, Kavitha Kamalasekaran, Anitha and Rama Nachiar
05Analysis and Design of Transmission Tower with Isolated Footing
Author(s) : Arya S and Er. Sindhu A R
06A Critical Review on Immune-Boosting Therapeutic Diet Against Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Author(s) : Souvik Tewari, John David and Bipasha David
07Assessment of Quality Characteristics, Nutritional Attributes and Sensory Properties of Developed Amla (Emblica officinalis) Incorporated Products
Author(s) : Naveena Reddy S and Dr. S. Radhai Sri
08Epidemics and Pandemics outbreak in India from 19th to 21th Century
Author(s) : Chetan Singh and Poonam
09Road Condition Monitoring with Grading System
Author(s) : Saurabh Jadhav, Saurabh Zingade, Tanvesh Takawale, Veermahesh Dhaninkula and Prof. Pravin Nimbalkar
10Narrow Band Digital Filter for Carrier Aggregation
Author(s) : Pushpavathi.K.P and B.Kanmani
11Review Paper on Inverted Brayton Cycles
Author(s) : Rohan Sureshbhai Jayswal, Dhrumit Pandit, SoniNeel Prakashbhai, Urmil Nayankumar Bhavsar and Raunakkumar Gaurishankar Prajapati
12Co-Processed Excipients-A Review
Author(s) : Mukesh Mohite, Sayli Sarnaik and Akshay Lingayat
13Application of High Level Programming Language (Visual Basic): A Review
Author(s) : Shaon Tewari
14Synthesis and Characterization of Faujasite Type Zeolite From Fly Ash by Hydrothermal Treatment
Author(s) : R. Rama Nachiar, Anitha.V, K.Kavitha and S.Sasi kala
15Formulation, Development and Evaluation of Topiramate Loaded Niosomes for the Treatment of Epilepsy
Author(s) : Shilpa Praveen. Chaudhari and Sachitanand Balaji. Biradar
16Image-Based Animal Detection and Breed Identification Using Neural Networks

Author(s) : Sapna Khatri, Anjali Rajput, Shreya Alhat, Vaishnavi Gursal and Prof. Jyoti Deshmukh
17Jevamrutha: Organic Liquid Formulations For Sustainable Agriculture Practices: A Review
Author(s) : Vibha G and Lingaraju HG
18Performance Analysis of Three-Phase Solar PV Integrated UPQC Using Space Vector Technique
Author(s) : J Sandhya and N. Sirisha
19Herbal Nanogel Formulation: A Novel Approch
Author(s) : Pallavi M. Chaudhari and Aarti V. Paithankar
20Computational Experiments on Workflow Balancing of Parallel Machine Scheduling with Precedence Constraints and Sequence Independent Setup Time
Author(s) : S.Rajakumar
21Assessment of Waste To Energy Generation Potential of Municipal Solid Waste: A Case Study of South Delhi
Author(s) : Sonam Angmo and Shachi Shah
22Development and Charecterization of Caffeine and Quercetin Loaded Nasal Niosomal In-Situ Gel for Treatment of Depression
Author(s) : Shilpa p. Chaudhari and Sneha U. Gaikwad
23Gravity of The Sun, The Main Force Operating That Changes The Location of The Earth’s Axis of The Earth’s Mantle And, Accordingly, The Location of The Equator
Author(s) : Yeshayahu Greitzer
24Formulation and Development of Rutin and Gallic Acid Loaded Herbal Gel for The Treatment of Psoriasis and Skin Disease
Author(s) : Pratibha Kumar, Dr.Vaibhav Vaidya and Gauri Sakpal
25Formulation and Optimization of Pulsatile Tablet for Circadian Rhythm of Blood Pressure
Author(s) : Shilpa P. Chaudhari and Prashant D. Bhaskare
26Motion Detection and Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithm
Author(s) : Ms.Jeevitha R, Ms.Harshitha N , Ms.Chandana P C, Mr.Koushik P and Mrs.Babitha S
27Performance Comparison of Convolutional Neural Network-based model using Gradient Descent Optimization algorithms for the Classification of Low Quality Underwater Images
Author(s) : Shamsudheen Marakkar, Mithun Haridas T.P. and Supriya M.H.
28Role of Artificial Intelligence In Detection of COVID-19: A Review
Author(s) : Bhagirathi Halalli, Vinay Kumar V and Prachi Parvatikar
29Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controller For BLDC To Control Indirect Flux and Torque
Author(s) : Ananda Babu Kancherla and D.Ravi Kishore
30Design of (PUF) Physical Unclonable Function Using FPGA and Secured Clock Network (SCN)
Author(s) : G.Usha Rani and J.Sneha Latha

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