Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2016

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1 Embedded Based System For The Study Of Heats Of Mixing Of Binary Liquid Mixtures
Author(s): P.S.S Sushama, K.Malakondaiah and C.Nagaraja
1 - 12
2 Privacy Preservation And Data Security In Location Based Services
Author(s): Jeevan B.S and Dr. Naveen N.C
13 - 16
3 Economic Load Dispatch with Multiple Fuel Options Using GA Toolbox in Matlab
Author(s): K.S. Srikanth, D. Ravi Kishore, T. Vijay Muni, K. Naresh and M.C. Rao
17 - 24
4 A Survey On Different Methods Of Edge Detection
Author(s): Manjula G N and Mr. Muzameel Ahmed
25 - 28
5 An Automatic Detection of End Systolic And End Diastolic Phase
Author(s): Meenakshi and Dr. Naveen N C
29 - 34
6 A Fuzzy Based SFCL for Fault Current Limiter in Distribution System
Author(s): T. Vijay Muni
35 - 40