Volume 5, Issue 5, September-October2020

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01Review on Types of Three Components Reactions
Author(s) : Dr. Nagham Mahmood Aljamali and Dr. Amal Saadoon Majeed
02A Design and Analysis of Two Plate Injection Mould Tool For Wi-Fi Router Thermoplastic Product
Author(s) : S Prasanth, S Akhil, S Ramesh, B Pavan Kumar, Y Hemanth and M Sandeep
03Thermal Analysis on Pin-Fins With Hexagonal & Threaded Geometry In Natural and Forced Convection
Author(s) : CH.V. Lakshmi, A. Vikranth, R. Tharun Naidu, J. Gowtham and A. Vishnu
04Analysis of The Spatial Distribution of Micro and Macronutrients In Soil From Industrial Site Near Nellikuppam Town In Cuddalore District
Author(s) : Sasikala Sakkaravarthy, Kavitha Kamalasekaran, Anitha and Rama Nachiar
05Analysis and Design of Transmission Tower with Isolated Footing
Author(s) : Arya S and Er. Sindhu A R
06A Critical Review on Immune-Boosting Therapeutic Diet Against Coronavirus (Covid-19)Author(s) : Souvik Tewari, John David and Bipasha David43-49
07Assessment of Quality Characteristics, Nutritional Attributes and Sensory Properties of Developed Amla (Emblica officinalis) Incorporated Products
Author(s) : Naveena Reddy S and Dr. S. Radhai Sri

Volume 5, Issue 4, July-August 2020

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01To Analyze the Effectiveness of Cattle Dung Ash as Adsorbent for Wastewater Treatment
Author(s) : Prachi S. Barve and Himanshu Meena
02Impact of COVID19 on Factors other Than Health In India
Author(s) : Dr. Anis Choudhery and Dr.Sumaiya Khatib
03Simulation and Analysis of a 3-Phase Induction Motor and a Brushless DC Motor Using Simulink

Author(s) : Ritika, Shrishti Luthra and Sangeeta Modi
04Analytical study on seismic performance of self-compacting concrete column reinforced with steel and GFRP rebar

Author(s) : Saptha A and Aswathy Ann Mathew
05Codecraft Competition: Learning to Code Through Contests Using Scratch

Author(s) : Anand Pultoo, Anoop Sharma Bullee, Jean Norbert Meunier, Kaviraj Sheoraj, Shabneez Panchoo, Parveen Naseeven, Mohundranathsingh Ujoodha, Vikramsing Roocha, Hrishant Rajcoomar and Avinash Oojorah
06Automatic Billing Cart

Author(s) : Priyanka Sharma, Ananya Singh and Tabassum Jahan
07Crack Identification and Localization In Structural Beams Using Numerical and Experimental Modal Analysis-A Review

Author(s) : G.Anand Siva, Dr. S.Rama Krishna, M. Jaya Prakash, Ch. Venkata Lakshmi and D.Chaitanya
08The Centrifugal Force behind the Movement of Continents, Change in the Axis of the Rotating Earth

Author(s) : Yeshayahu Greitzer
09Waste Water Treatment by Using Reed Bed System

Author(s) : P.Sasirekha, R.Ramanikannan, M.Rohith and P.Sankaranarayanan
10Conception of open spaces-A Case of Delhi Courtyard Houses
Author(s) : Shivansh Agarwal and Mahima Thussu
11Alternative Building Materials from Waste

Author(s) : Lakshita Goyal and I. C. Vidya Sagar
12Waste Water Treatment by Using Moving Bed Bio Film Reactors
Author(s) : Gomasa Ramesh, Gopu Anil, Kandika Lalitha,
Sambasiva Rao and Jannu Prashanth
13Comparison of Functional Properties of the Bael Fruit at Various Levels of Maturity
Author(s) : Abarajitha K and L. Uthira
14Review on Smart Bottle Dispenser And Filling Plant Using Industrial IoT
Author(s) : Vijay Murge, Amol Jadhav, Sanket More, Sandesh Shinde,
Magar and Dr. D. R. Shende
15Formulation and Characterization of Tranylcypromine loaded
Polymeric Micellar In-Situ Nasal Gel for treatment of Depression

Author(s) : Dr. Shilpa P. Chaudhari and Priyanka Udhdavrao Shinde
16Total Phenolic Content of Organic and Conventionally Grown Gourd Vegetables
Author(s) : Jemima Beryl Mohankumar, L. Uthira and S.Uma Maheswari
17Formulation, Development and Evaluation of Lopinavir Loaded Polymeric Micelles
Author(s) : Shilpa Praveen. Chaudhari and Nikita Manik. Handge
18Frequency Based Damage Detection and Localization of Propeller Shaft of a Ship Using Experimental Modal Analysis
Author(s) : Nemani Suryateja, Ganta Vasanth, PatnalaHari Kiran, PanasaVenkat Vinayak, GandamAnand Siva and Dr.Shinagam Ramakrishna
19Sorption Behavior of Methylene Blue From Aqueous Solution By Using PVA/SA/Kaolin Composite
Author(s) : J.Annie Kamala Florence, S. Kalpana and Thandapani Gomathi

Author(s) : A.Mohamed Sikkander and Jeevaa Katiravan
21Synthesis and Characterisation of A New Nano Photo Catalyst System (Cu-Trp-Ilu/Mwcnts) by Doping Copper-TryptophanIsoleucine Complex with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Prepared Through A Simple Chemical Approach and Its Applications
Author(s) : Sheela Violet Rani. V, Dhanasekaran. T, Jesudurai D and Mohamed Sikkander. A
22Modular Microservice based GPU Utilization Manager with Gunicorn
Author(s) : Remya A. R, Arun A. Balakrishnan, Suraj Kamal, Satheesh Chandran C and Supriya M. H.
23Eyeball Controlled Wheelchair
Author(s) : Ragini Singh, Harsha Rani, Junaid Hasan Khan and Kumari Komal
24Performance Evaluation of EMG Pattern Recognition Techniques While Increasing The Number of Movement Classes
Author(s) : Ms. Priyanka Sharma, Aakash Kr. Singh, Anupriya Mishra and Biplav Singh Kushwaha
25Sphingosomes: A Novel Lipoidal Vesicular Drug Delivery System
Author(s) : Shilpa P. Chaudhari and Sneha U. Gaikwad
26Analysis of Different Water Quality Parameters of Ganga River by Multivariate Tools
Author(s) : Smita Jain
27Water as A Fuel
Author(s) : Ragini Singh, Sautik Middya and Saumya Pathak
28Automatic Orange Juice Vending Machine
Author(s) : Onkar Popatrao Raut, AkibJaved Bagwan and Dr. Dipali Shende
29Review of Chemical, Pharmacological, Biological Activities of Isatin and Its Derivatives – Part-2 (2002 To 2020)
Author(s) : Seshaiah Krishnan Sridhar, Selvaraj Britoraj, Sreerama Rajasekhar, Jothieswari Dhamotharan and Jayaseelan
30Parametric Study on Behavior of Retrofitted Piled Raft

Author(s) : Anjali Satheesh and Dr. Hari G
31Fixed-Bed Column Adsorption Studies of Lead (II) From Aqueous Solution Using Chitosan -G-Maleic Anhydride-G-Methacrylic Acidcopolymer
Author(s) : R. Lavanya, T. Gomathi, R. Nithya and P. N. Sudha
32Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of A
Chalcone Derivative

Author(s) : E. Kalaiselvi, R. Arunadevi and S. Sashikala
33Design and Simulation of Microstrip Multiband Antenna for Wireless Applications
Author(s) : Akhil Adhav, Rushikesh Gadhave, Shweta Kakade, Rahul Parbat and Triveni Dhamale
34Challenges and Trends in Clinical Data Analytics
Author(s) : Shweta S.Kaddi and Malini M.Patil

Volume 5, Issue 3, May–June 2020

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01Designand Implementationof Programmable Logic Array Using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata

Author(s) : Ashwini Mane, Shubham Pansare, Pratiksha Rupnawar, Dr.VarshaHarpale and Dr.DeeptiKhurge
02Solar Energy Based Water Desalination System

Author(s) : Sumedh S. Malpathak, K.V.Bhadane, Suresh Kathe, Shyam Kadam and Manohar Shewale
03Importance of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers In candy plants

Author(s) : Jay V. Vyas, Harshil D. Patel and Rajkumar V. Patel
04Aptamer: A New Class of Oligonucleotide for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Use -Review

Author(s) : Dr. Shilpa P. Chaudhari and Priyanka Udhdavrao Shinde
05Impact on Performance and Emission Analysis of Waste Cooking Derived Biodiesel Considering Compression Ratio, Blend Ratio, Injection Pressure and Load on Single Cylinder VCR Engine with Comparison of RSM and MLR Model

Author(s) : Bhavikkumar H. Kadiya, Prof.MitPatel, Prof.V.D.Sonara and Prof.Vimal R. Patel
06Spread of COVID-19inIndia: A Mathematical Model

Author(s) : Sudipto Roy and Kankana Roy Bhattacharya
07MS-Excel Spreadsheet Applications in Introductory Under-Graduate Physics-A Review

Author(s) : Sunil Kumar Katoch
08Arduino Based Smart Load control

Author(s) : Priyanka Popat Thete, Kishor V. Bhadane, Pagar Komal shrikant and Mayuri Raosaheb Desale
09Automobile Waste Heat Recovery System Using Thermoelectric Generator

Author(s) : Vaibhav R. Patel and Mit C. Patel
10Parametric Optimization of Brake Power and Specific Fuel Consumption on A Single Cylinder VCR EngineBy Taguchi Method Using Jatropha Biodiesel Derived From Jatropha Curcas Oil Conducting Experiments As Per IS 10000 Approach

Author(s) : Krunal Patel, Prof. Mit Patel, Prof. V.D.Sonara and Prof. Mazhar A. Shaikh
11Water Treatment using Chemically Activated Charcoal

Author(s) : Dr. Anamika Paul, Maham Malik, Mahima Yadav, Ishty Malhotra and Sandeep Gupta
12Impact of 3D Printing on Automotive Parts

Author(s) : Dhruv Mahesh Kumar Patel and Prof. Mit Patel
13Seismic Base Isolation System using Scrap Old Tyres

Author(s) : Asmath Sharmeen T.S, Vijayalaxmi Kedilaya B, Aleemath Nissa K, Aamina Rukhiya and S Shwetha
14A Review on Interaction Effect of Pile under Vertical Compression

Author(s) : Prince Rathod
15Detection of Pothole by Image Processing Using UAV

Author(s) : Saurabh Pehere, Prajwal Sanganwar, Shashikant Pawar and Prof. Ashwini Shinde
16Review in SARS-Corona Virus (Types, Infection, Diagnosis,Chemical Antiseptics for This Virus)

Author(s) : Dr. Nagham Mahmood Aljamali, Dr. Imad Kareem Alwan Alsabri, Dr. Hasaneen Kudhair Abdullabass, Dr. Aseel Mahmood Jawad, Intisar Obaid Alfatlawi, Ahmed Adnan Abdul Hussein and Manar Ghyath AbdAlmutalib Almosawy
17COVID-19 Epidemic and Pattern of Global Distribution

Author(s) : JP.C. Mbagwu and Dike K. S
18Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning Classification Algorithms over Highly Imbalanced Data
Author(s) : N.Adityasundar, T.SaiAbhigna, B.Lakshman, D.Phaneendra and N.MohanKumar
19Overview of Vaccine Drug Delivery System
Author(s) : Kiran S. Sale and Pallavi M. Chaudhari
20Arecanut Crop Disease Prediction using IoT and Machine Learning
Author(s) : Sharath Kumar KR, Mohan K and Nirisha
21Systematic Vehicle Parking System
Author(s) : Raju Ranjan and Akash Tangar
22A Review on Optimization of Plasma Arc Cutting Parameters Using Taguchi Method for EN19
Author(s) : Kunal S. Panchal and Dr. Mitesh J. Mungla
23Language to language Translation using GRU method
Author(s) : Shwetha A, Ravikala and Vijetha
24Fly Ash for Removal of Malachite Green Dye From Wastewater: Kinetic and Isotherm Studies
Author(s) : K.Chiranjeevi, M. Radha Kumari, M.Vineesha, SaiManasa, SathishNaik and T. BalaNarsaiah
25Mountainous Country Nepal : From The Perspectives of Climate Change
Author(s) : Narayan P. Gautam
26Economical, Green Synthesis of Fluorescent Carbon Quantum Dots from Lac Extract
Author(s) : Amita Jivani and Meet A. Moradiya
27Smart Driving License Verification System
Author(s) : Shivraj Barawkar, Komal Jagdale, Suraj Budhewar and Prof. S.L.Tade
28Review of Chemical, Pharmacological, Biological Activities of Isatin and its Derivatives–Part-1 (1877 to 2002)
Author(s) : Seshaiah Krishnan Sridhar, Selvaraj Britoraj, Sreerama Rajasekhar and Jayaseelan Sundaraseelan
29Malaria Parasite Identification using Feature Based Recognition
Author(s) : Priya G R, Spandana A Shetty and Kavya Hegde
30Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bending System
Author(s) : Shivraj Bahirat, Omkar Bhatawadekar, Gaurav Gharte and Prof. Shrinidhi Campli
31Review on Fabrication of Bamboo Composite Materials Reinforced Concrete

Author(s) : Sreadha A R and Dr. C.Pany

Volume 5, Issue 2, March–April 2020

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01Selective and Simultaneous Detection of Dopamine using Gr-TiO2 Modified Elelctrode

Author(s) : T. Jyothish kumar, K.B. Manoj, K.Sreevalsan and V. Anithakumary
02Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Based Nine Level Inverter fed PMSM Drive

Author(s) : R Sasidhar and Dr. A Lakshmi Devi
03Exigency for Use of Nano Material Biosensors In Diagnosis of Disease

Author(s) : A. Mohamed Sikkander, SK.Rafi and K.Kavitha
04Nanotechnology Impacting In Electronic Industries

Author(s) : K.Kavitha, A. Mohamed Sikkander and SK.Rafi
05Formulation and Development of Topical Flurbiprofen Emulgel by using Xanthan Gum

Author(s) : Pallavi M. Chaudhari and Jyoti Bala
06Effectiveness of Mindfulness based Interventions at Workplace- A

Author(s) : Priyanka and Sandeep Singh
07Impact of Dynamic Polymorphism on Quality of a System

Author(s) : Manju and Pradeep Kumar Bhatia
08Importance of Emotional Quotient (EQ) In Academic Success Among Adolescents - A Review

Author(s) : Ashwani Kumar and Priyanka
09Green And Highly Efficient Route For The Synthesis of Α, Α-Bis-(Substituted-Benzylidene) Cycloalkanones Using Cuo Nanoparticles As A Recyclable And Heterogeneous Nanocatalyst Under Solvent Free Conditions

Author(s) : Shrikant S. Gawande
10Measurement of Dynamic Complexity using Aspect Oriented

Author(s) : Manju and Pradeep Kumar Bhatia
11Quality Assessment and Grading ofDimension Stone in Krishnagiri
District, Tamil Nadu, India

Author(s) : L. Suresh, S. Uma Maheswaran, K. Tamilarasan, S. Ranjith Kumar and S. Anbazhagan
12Landslide Inventory along newly Constructed Ghat road secetion
at Vathalmalai Hills, Tamil Nadu, India

Author(s) : G. Kavitha, S. Anbazhagan and S. Mani
13Development and Validation of New UV-Spectrophotometric
Method for The Quantitation of Retigabine In Pure and

Author(s) :
Venkateswara Reddy Billa and Naveen Reddy Seelam
14A Review on Robotic Surgery

Author(s) :
Farjees Fathima A and Nanmaran R
15A Review on Gene Expression In Trypanosomes

Author(s) :
Shafinaz Filwa S and Nanmaran R
16Review on Minor Millets and Their Value-Added Products

Author(s) : Roja Rojee and Gokilam.M

Volume 5, Issue 1, January–February 2020

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1Synthesis and Characterization of Pyridine and Pyrazole Derivatives for Their Biological Activities

Author(s): M. Rama Vidhya and Dr. S. Jasmin Sugantha Malar
2Geodetic Dominating Set and Geodetic Domination Polynomials
of Extended Grid Graphs

Author(s): N. Jaspin Beaula and Dr.A.Vijayan
3Super Cube Root Cube Mean Labeling of Graphs

Author(s): Radhika V.S. and Vijayan A
4On Topological Cordial Graphs

Author(s) : S. Selestin Lina and Dr. S. Asha
5Material Selection for Water Pipes by the Multi-Objective Decision-Making Method: The Case of Alternative Materials for PVC Pipes

Author(s) : Emmanuel K. Arthur, Emmanuel Gikunoo, Frank O. Agyemang, Salifu T. Azeko, Anthony Andrews and Abigail Twenewaa
6Effect of Climate Change on Public Health in Bhubaneswar Smart City, Odisha,India : Risks and Responses

Author(s) : Bharat Chandra Kalapahad, Saradendu Acharya and PrativaKar
7Breast Cancer Multi Modality Image Analysis Using Pheneotype features by SVM

Author(s) : Manjula Devarakonda Venkata and Sumalatha Lingamgunta

Volume 4, Issue 6, November–December 2019

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1Design and Analysis of D-Flip Flop Based Shift
Registers using GDI Technique

Author(s): D.Manikanta and T.Malleswara Rao
2Implementation of Haze Removal In a Image Using Globally Guided Image Filtering

Author(s): Srimanthula Swathi and Mrs. M. Tirupathamma
3A Review on Different Generations of Geo-Thermal Energy and
Power Plants

Author(s): Gaddam Roopa Shivani and Sameer Sharma
4Different Characteristics and Methods of Biofuel Production -
Renewable Energy Source : A Review

Author(s) : Supriya Jadhav and Sameer Sharma
5Development of Value Added Millet Products by Incorporated
With Musa Acuminata

Author(s) : Veerapandi L and Abiwarman
6Investigation of WSN Parameters for Realization of Quality of

Author(s) : P.V. Mane Deshmukh, B. P. Ladgaonkar and S. K. Tilekar

Volume 4, Issue 5, September-October 2019

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1Performance Analysis of Cognitive Radio Network Using Enhanced Stimulated Annealing Algorithm

Author(s): N.V.S.S.Ramya Jyothi, Dr.B. Leela Kumari
2Performance Assessment of Carcinoma With Segmentation Techniques By Statistical Analysis

Author(s): A. Kakara Deepika, Dr.B.Leela Kumari
3Experimental Studies on Sol-Gel Derived Titanium Dioxide Finishing of Fabric For Self Cleaning

Author(s): Dr. P. G. Solankar
4Automatic Detection of License Number Plate of Motorcyclists
Without Helmet

Author(s): Nikita Saklani
5Development of Mixed Signal Based SoC for Monitoring of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Parameters
Author(s): Mr.N. N. Kumbhar, Dr.S. K. Tilekar, Dr. P.V. Mane-Deshmukh
6Information Technology And Indian Banking Sector
Author(s): Mr.S.V.N.M. Sastry, Dr.A.V.N.Murty
7A Novel Cluster Setup for Fault Diagnosis of WSNS by Dag
Scheduling and Log Files Using Internet of Things

Author(s) : Venkataramana K and Dr. Manoj Kumar

Volume 4, Issue 4, July-August 2019

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1Analysis and Control Of Grid Connected Multi Terminal HVDC System

Author(s): G.Balaji, K.S.Srikanth
2Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of a Standalone Single-Phase Microgrid

Author(s): Nemani Anil, A.Jawahar, Ch.Vishnu Chakravarthy
3Controlling Drum Level of a Boiler Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Author(s): K.V.V.Satya Ganesh, A.Jawahar, Ch.Vishnu Chakravarthy
4Droop Control With Improved Disturbance Adaption for FACTS Based PV System With Two Power Conversion Stages

Author(s): P.Saranya, A.Jawahar, V.S.Aditya, Ch.Vishnu Chakravarthy
5Design of Low Power, High Speed Fine Grain and Coarse Grain Double Tail Comparator

Author(s): G.Sharmila, K.V.R.Rajesh, B.Sangeeth Kumar
6Efficient Control Strategies for Compensation of Voltage in Unbalanced Grid Connected Distributed Generation

Author(s): T.Tulasi, G.Sailaja, V.S.Aditya, Ch.Vishnu Chakravarthi

Volume 4, Issue 3, May-June 2019

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1Performance comparison between conventional and modified Range Doppler Algorithm in real time applications

Author(s): I. Hemalatha and P. V. Sridevi
2Design and Simulation of PV-Wind Hybrid Energy System

Author(s): K.Naresh and Y.Srinivasa Rao
3Direct Torque and Indirect Flux Control of BLDC Motor Controller by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Author(s): K.Kiran Kumar
4A New Passive Islanding Detection Method under Balanced Islanding Condition For Hybrid Distributed Generation System

Author(s): A.Pandian
5A Comparative Study of Drying Kinetics and Quality of Indian Red Chilli In Solar Hybrid Greenhouse Drying And Open Sun Drying

Author(s): Nitin Ralph Pochont , Gudlavalleti Deepak Kumar , Mohammad Noor Mohammad and Vijaya Kumar. P
6Information Technology and Indian Banking Sector

Author(s): Mr.S.V.N.M.Sastry, Dr.A.V.N.Murty

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