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Journal of Science and Technology

Journal of Science and Technology (JST) select’s the best article/ Research Paper from each issue and the author of the selected article will be provided half relaxation in publication charge for his/her next article. Selected Author(s) details will be updated on last date of every month.

S.NoMonthYearVolume and IssueTitle of The Paper
1November – December 2016Volume 1,
Issue 1
Embedded Based System For The Study of Heats of Mixing of Binary Liquid Mixtures
2January - February2017Volume 2,
Issue 1
Comparison of PI Fuzzy Techniques for Compensation of Unbalanced Voltages in Grid Connected PMSG Based Wind
3March - April2017Volume 2,
Issue 2
Analysis Over Engine Mount Vibrational
4May - June2017Volume 2,
Issue 3
Simulation and Controlling of Wind Energy System using ANN Controller
5July - August2017Volume 2,
Issue 4
Smart Multilingual Sign Boards
6September - October2017Volume 2, Issue 5A Fuzzy Based Three-Level Isolated Single-Stage PFC Converter
7November - December2017Volume 2, Issue 6A New Control Technique To Control The Capacitor-Supported DVR
8January - February2018Volume 3, Issue 1Enhancement of Power Quality in Grid Connected Wind Energy System Using STATCOM
9March - April2018Volume 3, Issue 2Comparative Study Of Cash Flow Statement
10May - June2018Volume 3, Issue 3Fuel Cell Fed BLDC Motor Drive
11July - August2018Volume 3, Issue 4Study on Stress Management At BHEL, Hyderabad Limited
12September - October2018Volume 3, Issue 5Mitigation Of Voltage Sag And Swell In DFIG Interconnected With Grid
13November - December2018Volume 3, Issue 6A Case Study At AGI Glaspac, Hyderabad
142019Volume 3, Issue 7At AGI Glaspac, Hyderabad

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