Formulation and Development of Topical Flurbiprofen Emulgel by using Xanthan Gum


  • Pallavi M. Chaudhari
  • Jyoti Bala


Topical emulgel, flurbiprofen, NSAID, xanthan gum, liquid  paraffin  and  eucalyptus oil


Flurbiprofen  is  non-steroidal  anti-inflammatory  drug  used  for  the  treatment  of

rheumatoid arthritis as an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation of the joints. Flurbiprofen is a potent inhibitor of platelets aggregation, which reduce pain, swelling and joint stiffness. The objective of this study was to formulate and evaluate topical flurbiprofen emulgel for the delivery of hydrophobic drugs to  systemic  circulation.  In  present  work  flurbiprofen emulgel was prepared by using liquid paraffin (oil), eucalyptus oil (penetration enhancer) and xanthan gum used as gelling  agent.  All  formulations  evaluated  for  homogeneity,  pH, extrudability, spreadability, viscosity, drug content and drug release. In-vitro drug  release  of emulgel was evaluated by using diffusion cell containing cellophane membrane  with phosphate buffer pH 7.4 as the receptor medium. The formulations were optimized by the three factors and two levels Box-Behnken design by using Design-Expert software (version 12). Spreadability of F6 formulation was observed (3.4 cm in  diameter)  which  was  more  than  other  formulations. Viscosity of F16 formulation was 3067  cps.  Percentage  Drug  content  of  F14  (98.61%)  has shown more drug content as compared other formulations. In-vitro diffusion  studies,  the formulations F5, F6, F13, F14 and F16 has shown more than 80 % of drug release for 8 hrs.




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