JST establishes an effective communication channel between decision and policy makers in government agencies, academic and research institutions to recognize the implementation of important role in organizations. JST aims to be an outlet for creative, innovative concepts, as well as effective research methodologies and emerging technologies for researchers.

The realm of Journal of Science and Technology (JST) extends, but not limited, to the following:

Science Engineering Technology
Agricultural Science Mechanical Engineering Food Technology
Plant Science Electrical and Electronics Engineering Nanotechnology
Animal Science Electronics and Communications Engineering Biotechnology
Ecology Computer Science Engineering Fashion Technology
Environmental Science Civil Engineering Plastic Technology
Geo-Sciences Structural Engineering  
Clinical Medicine Chemical Engineering  
Biological Sciences Instrumentation Engineering  
Material Sciences Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering  
Physics Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering  
Chemistry Petrochemical Engineering  
Material Sciences Environmental Engineering  
Astrophysics Materials Engineering  
Mathematics Agricultural Engineering  
Computer Science Industrial Engineering  
Economics Power Engineering  
Psychology Mechatronics Engineering  
  Robotics Engineering  
  Control and Instrumentation Engineering  
  Manufacturing Engineering  
  Geotechnical Engineering  
  Marine Engineering  
  Engineering Physics  
  Photonics Engineering  
  Mining Engineering  
  Ceramics Engineering  
  Metallurgical Engineering  
  Geomatics Engineering  
  Aerospace Engineering  
  Biomedical Engineering  
  Biomechanical Engineering  
  Software Engineering  
  Thermal Engineering  
  Energy Engineering  
  Industrial Engineering  
  Nano Engineering  
  Textile Engineering  
  Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering