Effectiveness ofMindfulness based Interventions at Workplace- A Review


  • Priyanka


Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Workplace


Having happy state of mind is an important indicator of employee’s well-being. The hypothesis happy worker–productive workerstates that “employees high in well-being also perform well and vice versa” (Wright &Cropanzano,2000).Organisations have to make sure such “happy and productive worker”. To ensure wellbeing of employee number of organizations are accepting different methodologies like as mindfulness training to improve workplace functioning, relationships, optimal performance of employees (Good et al., 2016). Mindfulness is stated that “state of paying attention in the present moment in an accepting and kind way” (Kabat-Zinn, 2003).There are number of evidencesshowed that mindfulness in the workplace has positive effects that include reduction in stress levels, improved sleep quality(RQ Wolever et al., 2012).By becoming more conscious for the present moment person can enjoy and understand the world more effectively. Team leader can decrease stress and increase efficiency among team membersby encourages them to practice mindfulness (Forbes Coaches Council2017). Mindfulness-based interventions may have always provided certain benefits relevant at workplace. The present review paper highlights the studies on mindfulness based intervention at workplace related to “employee’sover well-being and performance”. From the review it can be concluded that mindfulness based intervention promotes wellbeing at workplace.




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