Countryside leaf extracts act as an Eco-friendly natural pesticide


  • AshokeHazra



Aphids, Green Chiretta, Indian Bael leaf, Mix of leaf, Neem leaf,, natural pesticide, Spectro.


Present research discusses how countryside leaf extracts act as reasonable pest control for different crops, vegetables, fruits, flowers. Many modern pesticides are used today to store toxic materials in soils, air, and water. These toxin materials affect plants, animals as well as human health. These are also non-biodegradable in our environment. These leave extracts are toxic to insects pests. For this purpose, we collect Neem leaf, Indian Bael leaf, Green Chiretta leaf. After preparation of leaf extracts and uses of different crops, it may be concluded that the decreasing order of the pest control of natural leaf extracts is a Mix of all three leaves>Neem leaves> GreenChiretta> Indian Bael. Elico(171, Mini Spectro) machine was used to characterize these leaf extracts. Especially this pesticide uses on potato field to protect Aphids in West Bengal. Using these natural pesticides, after 2 week 95% Aphids were died.





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AshokeHazra. (2024). Countryside leaf extracts act as an Eco-friendly natural pesticide. Journal of Science & Technology (JST), 9(4), 1–8.

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