Review on Minor Millets and Their Value-Added Products


  • Roja Rojee
  • Gokilam.M


Minor millets, Processing technology, Products, Health benefits


Millet is an important food source in many developing countries because of its ability to grown in adverse weather condition.Properties of minor millet nutritional composition, health benefits and their processing of minor millets such as dehulling, milling, composite flour and fermentation are reported in this review. There are lack of nutrition insecurity for all age groups we collected information latest products which can consumed by all people several minor millets and products are traditional fermented millet beverages, nonfermented beverages, alcoholic beverages, pasta, noodles and extruded products




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Roja Rojee, & Gokilam.M. (2024). Review on Minor Millets and Their Value-Added Products. Journal of Science & Technology (JST), 5(2), 113–123. Retrieved from

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