Review on Fabrication of Bamboo Composite Materials Reinforced Concrete


  • Sreadha A R
  • Dr C.Pany



Steel, Alternative Reinforcing Material, Bamboo, Construction, Structure, Feasibility


In most developing countries, steel as a reinforcing material in construction is increasing day by day. But depending on cost and availability, it is therefore necessary to replace the steel with some other suitable materials. There's a situation where production isn't found to be sufficient to meet steel demand. Hence, having an alternative that is worth compared to steel is essential. Bamboo is one of the alternate materials used as a steel replacement in the construction of small structures and low-cost housing, particularly in countries like India. Bamboo is found in abundance, they are durable, and they can satisfy the demand as a reinforcing material and become a perfect substitute for steels. Compared with other materials including steel, the tensile resistance property which is the main requirement of reinforcing material is considered appreciable for bamboo. This property is given out from its origin through the bamboo structure. When in natural habitat, the hollow tubular structure has a high resistance to wind forces. Working on bamboo's weak points and bringing up bamboo innovation as a replacement for structural steel would be a great alternative. The goal of this present work to carry out a literature survey to determine the feasibility of bamboo reinforcement for a concrete structure. The mechanical properties and behaviour of steel-reinforced concrete have been extensively studied and well documented, there is no detailed data explaining reinforced concrete from bamboo exists. Therefore, the aim of this study is to provide a preliminary contribution toward the collection of literature to know the state of art characteristics such as mechanical properties and behaviours of bamboo reinforced concrete, with a view to solving specific problems of low-cost housing.




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Sreadha A R, & Dr C.Pany. (2020). Review on Fabrication of Bamboo Composite Materials Reinforced Concrete. Journal of Science & Technology (JST), 5(3), 258–279.

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