Automated Solar Powered Seed Sowing Machine


  • Miss. Yogita Bhavari
  • Mr. Vishweshwar Udate
  • Mr. Shantanu Wankhade


Automatic seed placing, Robot, wet condition, farming techniques, agriculture land


In this project, we are developing an agricultural-based robot this robot should useful for farmers. In this robot, automatic seed placing and pumping the water to seed(desired location) and we are using pick and place set up to remove the dry plant and sowing the seeds consecutively . We are using the sensor to find the conditions of land. If any obstacle is noticed means the robot will stop at that place and (soil moisture sensor) is using to find the dry or wet condition in the plant if it is dry means the pump motor will start and water will be supplied. Agriculture has always been important activity for Indian people which determine the economy. Greater part of urban areas in this country does not have proper skilled labor in farming and that influences the advancement of creating nation. Hence farmers must use advanced methods in agriculture. Seed sowing is performed manually by hands and distance (spacing) between seeds was not accurate, while sowing the seeds. Traditional method of sowing seeds is achieved manually by hand and in some cases two bullocks are used to lift the bulky traditional machine for dropping seed and ploughing the land. Hence automation is almost essential to solve the issues in agriculture by modernizing agricultural machinery. Seed sowing is important task for farmer during the sowing seasons if seeding the land area is greater it requires greater number of workers for sowing the seeds.




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Bhavari, M. Y., Udate, M. V., & Wankhade, M. S. (2021). Automated Solar Powered Seed Sowing Machine. Journal of Science & Technology (JST), 6(Special Issue 1), 177–182. Retrieved from

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