Impact of COVID19 on Factors other Than Health In India


  • Dr. Anis Choudhery
  • Dr.Sumaiya Khatib



COVID 19, Pandemic, Social Trust


Present paper try to highlight few of parallelequally important events other than disease, infections, quarantine and testing in Indian society duringlockdown due to spread of Pandemic COVID-19. This case study try to understand the impact of pandemics in the fabrics of one of oldest civilization- the Indian Society. This study also highlights stringent and biased government policies in handling such situation by not only diverting most of resources towards health related issues but also restricted to present pandemic only. There are multiple things contribute in our civilization , health is one of it , we can consider it the most essential thing but certainly not the ‘ALL’. History has witnessed many incidences of sacrifices of human lives to guard our society and civilization. It was important to know the impact of COVID-19 on some of other essential parameters of present human society like Social Trust , Cultural Values,Mental Health, Religious belief , House hold Economy. This paper deals with impact of COVID 19 on these factors in Indian society.




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Dr. Anis Choudhery, & Dr.Sumaiya Khatib. (2020). Impact of COVID19 on Factors other Than Health In India. Journal of Science & Technology (JST), 5(4), 06–16.

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