Postbiotics; Novel Ingredient in Functional Foods


  • Monika
  • Rakesh gehlot
  • Rekha



Postbiotics, Probiotics, Complementary, immune modulatory, antiobesogenic


Postbiotics defined as “non-viable bacterial products or metabolic products from microorganisms that have biological activity in the host”. Postbiotics are the different mixture of healthy metabolic products or secreted components of probiotics in cell-free supernatants such as enzymes, secreted proteins, short chain fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, peptides, organic acids, etc. The functional foods can be defined as “any food that has a positive impact on an individual’s health, physical activities, or mental health, in addition to its nutritious value”. Also, it should help in regulate a particular body process, such as enhancement of biological defence mechanisms, prevention of specific diseases, control of physical and mental disorders, and decreasing the aging process. Postbiotics, are bacterial components or metabolites,they provide advantages and can mimic probiotics' favourable therapeutic effects. They accomplish this without exposing the body to live microbes. Their metabolic, immunological modulatory, antiobesity, anticancer, and antioxidant properties have all been help in cure more drastic disease. Not only have postbiotics been searched in vitro and in vivo, but they've also been used in the food industry. They are known to have a longer shelf life than other biotics, as well as easier storage, handling, and transportation. postbiotics helps in avoiding the risk of live microorganisms to the body. Postbiotics can be a good alternative as a treatment for human patients; thus, opening the way to the development of new pharmacological or food products with specific physiological effects.




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Monika, gehlot, R., & Rekha. (2022). Postbiotics; Novel Ingredient in Functional Foods. Journal of Science & Technology (JST), 7(5), 160–178.

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