Modular Microservice based GPU Utilization Manager with Gunicorn


  • Remya A. R
  • Suraj Kamal
  • Satheesh Chandran C



orchestration, high-performance computing (HPC), inter process communication (IPC), Graphics processing unit (GPU), entral processing unit (CPU), NVIDIA, docker


Graphics processing unit (GPU) is a computer programmable chip that could perform rapid mathematical operations that can be accelerated with massive parallelism. In the early days, central processing unit (CPU) was responsible for all computations irrespective of whether it is feasible for parallel computation. However, in recent years GPUs are increasingly used for massively parallel computing applications, such as training Deep Neural Networks. GPU’s performance monitoring plays a key role in this new era since GPUs serve an inevitable role in increasing the speed of analysis of the developed system. GPU administration comes in picture to efficiently utilize the GPU when we deal with multiple workloads to run on the same hardware. In this study, various GPUparameters are monitored and help to keep them in safe levels and also to keep the improved performance of the system. This study, also delivers the GPU monitoring protocol as a microservice that is deployed to Gunicorn production server.




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Remya A. R, Suraj Kamal, & Satheesh Chandran C. (2020). Modular Microservice based GPU Utilization Manager with Gunicorn. Journal of Science & Technology (JST), 5(4), 230–237.

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