Effects of Dust Charge Fluctuations on Non-linear Dust-acoustic Waves


  • Sanjit Kumar Paul


Charge fluctuation, linear dust-acoustic waves, dusty plasmas, shock waves


The non-linear propagation of the dust-acoustic waves (DAWs) in a dusty plasma consisting of Boltzmann-distributed electrons and ions, mobile charge fluctuating negative dust and charge fluctuating stationary negative dust has been theoretically investigated. It has been shown that the dust charge fluctuation is a source of dissipation, and is responsible for the formation of DA shock waves in such a dusty plasma. The basic features of the DA shock waves have been identified in this investigation which could be useful in understanding the properties of localized space dusty plasmas. It has been proposed to design a new laboratory experiment, which will be able to identify the basic features of the dust-acoustic shock waves predicted in this theoretical investigation.




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Sanjit Kumar Paul. (2024). Effects of Dust Charge Fluctuations on Non-linear Dust-acoustic Waves. Journal of Science & Technology (JST), 9(4), 103–115. Retrieved from https://jst.org.in/index.php/pub/article/view/963

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